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Early treatment

Early detection and treatment Early treatment of our children is important to take advantage of their growth and steer them in a positive direction – for a bright smile in the future. SmileforFuture For children and teenagers, early treatment is almost completely paid for by your health insurance! Almost for […]

Children and teenagers

We treat our teenagers to the perfect smile in the shortest possible time! High tech braces By using the most modern materials and techniques, it is possible to keep treatment times as short whilst working gently. Turbo Brackets with Bio Power Our new type of bracket system works with the […]

Invisible treatment

It’s never too late! Invisalign A revolutionary method has made treatment without brackets possible. Very thin transparent foils, called aligners, are practically invisible and do not interfere with speaking. The aligners are worn all day and only need to be removed for eating and brushing the teeth. With this technique, […]

Dental Sleep Medicine

Are you sleeping well or still snoring? Quality sleep is essential for the regeneration of body and soul, and is thus as vital as breathing, eating and drinking. In recent years, sleep medicine has developed into an interdisciplinary field. New computer-controlled diagnostic methods can also be applied at home, worn […]